Kosta Petrovski is a LEAN Management experienced practitioner and trainer.

Professionally experienced in the retail nets of brands BMW, Rover, Land Rover, Toyota and Renault on high managerial positions, getting his practical involvement with applied LEAN components, for a period of 14 years. Additionally, involved on a Project management positions regarding start-ups, development and structuring in few different industries – SW production for GPS modules, Wire production, Textile vertical production, PU foams production and Seating systems (for automotive industry) production.

For the engagements in trade businesses and the production industries, he had been involved in implementation and putting into practice a variety of ISO standards (starting from ISO 9001) and applying and connecting the practical tools from Horizontal management (LEAN Management).

Operating in the past 5 years, as independent consulting and free-lancing, he reached a steady collaboration with:

  • MOSHA (Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association) – Development of a Project for regional improvement of OSH in MSE’s and still ongoing training module for improvement of awareness and applicability for OSH standards with a new module (working version named LEANOSH).
  • JOOPONE domestic company (98% export oriented – EU, UK, USA and Australian markets) for production of special medical devices for help of people with motion difficulties. Lines of collaboration Implementation of ISO13485, approach to new markets, increasing of capacities and adopting new products.
  • MQS the regional Quality Austria partner, on development and integration of LEAN Management training program with demands of ISO and other international relevant standards.

Recently has been involved in initial introduction for IATF 16949, based on the needs for the regionally development of the markets with increased number of entities being involved in Automotive industry.

In the same time, based on experience from industry practice, has been engaged as supporting consultant for preparation of submission packs (technical pre-review and business planning) for application of local entities for the IPA funds.

Kosta has a simple approach of trusting the Quality above all and objectively recognizing capability (education and training), professionalism (experience) and expertise (gluing of capability and professionalism.