Marko Jagodič holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Ljubljana. During 35 years of his professional carrier Marko worked in different roles for national and international companies in various industries. As a software R&D engineer he was involved in design of VLSI microchips, CAD systems, traffic control systems, ERP systems, as a consultant he consulted in IT related management consulting and BPR, as a sales manager he managed sales teams selling system integration services and SW development services on national and international markets, as a business manager he managed international teams and customers from telecommunications, financial institutions and government institutions. During the last 14 years Marko worked for telecommunication companies in Slovenia and Balkans in different senior managerial roles, with responsibilities ranging from leading a project of building a greenfield mobile operator, running project office for a major telco, managing planning and development of an extensive portfolio of telco value added services and enabling platforms, organizing and leading group governance office for a regional telco, and advising to president of the managing board of a regional telco.
Marko likes to look at his career as a series of projects that sometimes follow each other and sometimes run in parallel. Marko is frequent speaker on conferences covering different aspects of mobile financial services and digital identity.