In early ’90 Nenad Bestvina co-founded Spin with friends, where they still work together. He has worked on IT projects in many different roles (project management, system analysis, project IS, programming, implementation, etc). He worked on different platforms (some of them are just a history now – DOS, UNIX, QNX, Novel, etc).

Since 2005 he has been working as Project Manager in development and implementation. He managed implementation projects of Jupiter Software in different business systems (Žito, Mlinar, Agrokor, Ireks Aroma, Kandit, Koestlin, etc)

He often presents PM topics as speaker at various conferences like PMI Forum, Kulendayz, PMIDayz.

Nenad fonded PMI Branch – PMI Osijek 2010, and since then has been member of Executive Board PMI Croatia.

He is member of Kulendayz Team, and one of the founder PMIDayz conference.

Nenad was certificated PMP (Project Manager Professional) in 2009.

In his spare time he listens to jazz music, rides a bicycle and cooks.