This year we have three interesting pre-conference training sessions

  • Scrum Escape Room by Nikola Ilic, experience Scrum first hand! Go through the whole process in one day, from creating a product vision to writing user stories, setting priorities, sprints and shipping. Get into the role of Product Owner, Scrum Master, or team member. Discover what’s happening in multi-functional, self-organized teams and Scrum events and how it feels to have a product that can be delivered after every iteration.
  • The Unpredictable Factor Z by Borna Lulić, Enhance Communication Influence, or Learn Why We Don’t Understand Often, and How to Influence that Underwater, Invisible, and Unpredictable Part of the Human Mind that Forms Perception and Mindset communication and project management.
  • How to Choose and Use the Right Methodology for Your Project by Nenad Trajkovski, Watefall vs. Agile, Scrum Vs. Kanban, processes or people, communication or documentation, these are the typical questions when starting your new project. When you are wondering – what methodology to apply? – the answer is: none and all! If you adhere to your pre-determined processes and methodology, you will sooner or later run into a problem. Through conversation and live examples, together we will identify obstacles to a successful project!

Special prices apply for all PMI Chapter members.
The prices are for both conference days. Coffee and lunch included.





(with VAT)

until 10.04.2020.

from 11.04.2020.

A. Conference

Central conference



B. Pre-conference package

Conference + whole day seminar on Friday


1.000 kn

(1.250 kn)

1.250 kn

(1.560 kn)

C. Whole conference

Conference + whole day seminar on Friday +  team building on Sunday


1.200 kn

(1.500 kn)

1.500 kn

(1.875 kn)

D. Enterprise package

Conference + whole day seminar on Friday +  team building on Sunday + all conference events


1.500 kn

(1.875 kn)

1.800 kn

(2.250 kn

E. Supporter package

Conference + team building on Sunday + all conference events

Whole day seminar on Friday is not included


500 kn

(625 kn)

600 kn

(750 kn)

1 EUR ~ 7.52 HRK

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